Nepal Holiday Outfit Lookbook

Dasai festival in Nepal is known for its family visits, feast galore, music, dance and all the merry making which makes for a complete festive holiday time.

So how could I not capture some of the beautiful moment with my vlogs and sprinkle of glam.
As this was a personal family visit, I could not share much in my vlogs like the way I do in my usual travel vlogs but tried my best to capture some of the events from my short visit.

Our main stay was at Kathmandu where I had my (in-law) family gatherings and feasts. And took some time off to escape in the cool calm Nagarkot hills and found some time to film my outfit video.

Keeping in my mind this seasons trend for ruffles,metallic,floral,leather and chic/quirky accessories I enjoyed sourcing and styling the looks.

Hopefully you will like it too and share your best one with me.


Nepalese Dhaka material Duster Jacket (self designed) 😉
Top – Uniqlo
Jeans – Zara
Shoes – Max Lifestyle
Necklace – Tiger eye crystal(from Africa)


Dress – Global Desi
Boots – Zara
Backpack –
Ear hoops- ForeverNew
Gold Bangles

Top – Zara
Skirt –
Boots – Zara
Bag –
Necklace – Zara


Dress –
Belt –
Bag – Michael Kors
Boots – Zara


Jacket – Zara
Top – Max Lifestyle
Skirt –
Sandles – Zara
Sunglasses – Armani


Dress –
Boots – Zara
Ear hoops – ForeverNew

Saree from Nepal
Traditional Nepalese ‘Tilhari’ jewellery

Click to watch Nepal holiday lookbook video:

LOve, Tina – Indian Ethnic Wear Review

Ghagra Choli is my favourite traditional Indian ethnic. It’s easy to wear, move around and looks so grand. Wish there was a time when I could wear these gorgeous special occasion outfits on casual days too – Imagine…The world would have looked so much better! Classic!

I chose this beautiful Coral Net Ghagra with Gold Choli and Indigo Chunni with velvet piping on the borders and lovely brocade zari work which looks so festive and made me feel gorgeous.
It was delivered to me on time all stitched and ready to wear from




IMG_2268 is one of the leading online retailer of ethnic wear in India. It deals with all kind of ethnic wear like salwar kameez, ghagra choli, sarees, bridal, casual or party wear not just confined to women but men and children ethnic wear too. Also you could shop for accessories like bridal, party or casual jewellery.
You could also find specific kind of fabrics for your costumes all of which provides wide range of product and price selection.

Sareez provide worldwide shipping with nominal shipping charges and if the order is more than certain amount then the shipping charge is free (details are provided in their website). Shipping across India is free.
They also provide stitching services which make things bit easy and eases your tailoring issues.
As and when festivities keep approaching or seasons keep changing they have offers & discounts happening on the website.


Prompt service and value for money is what I like about them. I have couple of more outfits from them which are lovely too and reviewed on my beauty channel tinaraipun4 have a look if you are interested to know how I look in them.

If you have purchased & liked the product from Sareez then you could hash tag your purchased outfit pictures using #LoveSareez #Sareez and get a chance to be featured on their website.

Also avail their seasonal festive offers on the website for a good bargain.
Do comment below which is your favourite ethnic wear? I would like to know who all share the same favourite like me – Resham ka Lehanga mera..!

Enjoy ethnic,

Love.. Relationship.. Commitment!

Hi Guys,

Hope you had a good Valentine’s day. 

Love as simple and comforting it sounds can sometimes get complicated and hated.
Since ages man can remember it has been a source of strength as well as destruction.
What makes it so widely distinguished? Is it just all about love or the being who lets it take over?

I do believe Love is a very strong emotion which has moved mountains but just like a good virtue cannot be achieved with only money, knife cannot be put into use only for cutting fruits/vegetables, rain cannot bring only joy to the lush fields.
In the same way.. Love alone is not enough to bring sanity. Yeah..I said it, quite controversial!
Balance is the key to bring completeness. Bring that through your clear mind or spiritual clarity.

Those were some deep thoughts! Yo! And so on the eve of Valentine’s day I made a special video on few ways to straighten up your love life!

Sit back with a good cup of tea/coffee and enjoy the video.


And for all those single free birds, I made a Glam video for you to make your each day count.. cherishing your freedom and nourishing the bond with You! Π

So, which was your favorite video?


Fab Bag – Diwali Festival Edition!

Happy Diwali!!

Kind of feeling melancholy right now remembering my majestic childhood days which somehow felt more festive and fun. Those delicious delicacies by my mother, earthen pot oil lights, rangoli, marigold decor, fun and frolic days with no care as a child.
Ah!! God I miss it!!

Well.. all the above mentioned are still happening but I guess it doesn’t pump up my spirit the way it did during my childhood days… In fact, not just Diwali but all festivals.
Having said that it doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy them anymore just that its more responsible, exhausting and carried with certain limits as a parent. Must say, these festival makes me long for my childhood with my parents around.
If you are a young reader just appreciate this beautiful young time with your parents around who got your back and indulge the family time to the most. Trust me festival and family are meant to be.

Ah..where is my blog post leading to now? Art of living!?
Okay! lets get into business now. Shall we? Lets talk some festive beauty care products for which you have visited my blog.


If you are regular to my social network or youtube channels then you must have heard me talk about who send monthly beauty goodies bag to their subscribers.
Over the time they have evolved for the better in terms of products, offers, service and empowerment.


I received their Diwali special beauty bag which is in festive red and hot pink with zardozi borders which I think can be used to store jewelry or as gift bag for family and friends.
It holds four skin pampering products for facing the pre and post hectic festivities.
Especially for people like me who doesn’t get much time to visit spa and salon with two handful kids to look after and a home to manage on my own this bag and a lot of previous bag products helps a great deal to look ready for the exhausting holiday days ahead.


Nyassa Body Scrub
If you like the smell of coffee then this raw brown cane sugar cocoa butter body scrub will find a place in your skin care routine.
It feels like a proper semi dry finish scrub which gives a moisturing feel after the cleanse just as it says on the package which I find it necessary for keeping the skin supple.
Also it tastes sweet.. curosity made me lick it tiny bit…just saying!

IMG_1524Spa Ceylon Ayurveda
I felt like my face was covered in Jasmine flowers! The consistency and application method is just like any other masque. After washing off, my face felt smooth and hydrated which I think suits to normal to dry skin.
Now read for whole lot of goodness used to make the masque as shown on the package –
It contains pure jasmine oil to illuminate the skin.
Fine clay and white minerals cleanses and refreshes.
Rice barn, Avocado & natural vitamins improves skin tone.
Licorice, Gree tea, Watercress & Bearberry help inhibit formation of dark cells.
Virgin coconut and honey help soothe & soften
while Sweet almond and Olive lightens pigmentation which increases skin radiance.
Wow.. after reading it who can resist it!? Ya! Already my new favorite!

IMG_1526Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula
First of all its a  travel/bag friendly moisturiser. Palmer’s has a line of good skin care products.
It has a thick consistency which personally I prefer as it doesn’t spill easily and feels more moisturing on ageing skin.
Smells like chocolate…cadbury…which shows cocoa presence but really I felt yummylicious.
24hr Moisture with chocolate scent to it which claims to smooth marks and tone skin is not to be missed!

IMG_1532Revolution Makeup Vivid Blush Lacquer
I think this is my first lacquer blush. And its fascinating, a tiny dot from the blush pump is sufficient for both cheeks to give that healthy colour.
I received the shade ‘Heat’ a mauve pink which blended easily with a semi-matte natural finish.
No sparkles and sheen gives the cheek very natural flush if applied lightly. All ready to add the dash of healthy glow for the upcoming festivities.

Definitely fantastic products which made me very happy to try and be all ready to glam up my days ahead.
So do comment below which one you like the most because it helps me know on what people prefer more to look ready for holiday/festivals.

Happy holidays,
Tina xx


Fragrance is something I consider pretty important as close to having an identity.
Have you ever felt a scent reminding of someone or a good/bad memories.
Ah! someone did say it right, ‘scent of a woman..speaks volume about her’.

Since a very young age, I was very particular on what I sprayed on my body in the name of perfume. I had a silly belief that whatever I applied on my skin will get absorbed by my body and eventually might harm my internal body system.
On another note its kind of true and that always made me picky on selecting fragrances considering it goes on pulse points so it better be healthy.

My crush on Jo Malone perfume was first felt in 2012 during my Dubai visit. I visited their store loved every bit of detail that went into making a refined fragrance.

Although its bit expensive but when I feel the soothing scent lingering on my pulses it feels all so right.
If you would like to save on it then duty free shop is the best way to get the right bargain.
You can check on the details on their website


I chose two Jo Malone fragrances as my Fall/Winter day and night scents.

Jo Malone Mimosa & Cardamom Cologne– Warm, Ethereal and Mesmerising
Top note:Cardamom spice
Heart note: Mimosa flower
Base note: Tonka bean
This has been launched this season and I smell a refreshing cardamom spice mixed with a light floral note and after sometime when the cologne settles down it leaves a tender spicy floral vanilla scent which I find it perfect for my day time body aura.

Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir Cologne– Dark and Enigmatic
Top note: Pomegranate
Heart note:Casablanca Lily
Base note: Guaiacwood
This is part of their old best sellers and initially I thought it would smell fruity but was pleasantly surprised to find it seductive! Maybe its due to the Pink pepper or Guaiacwood notes.
This definitely feels fresh at first which I love and later settles down to sexy woody spicy scent. Just love it!
Definitely my night time body aura for this Fall/Winter or rather any season.

Can’t wait to welcome the holiday season ahead with a refreshing refine fragrance around.

Fall/Winter has finally arrived and I think its the same in your place too!?
If not then do comment below on which part of the world you live in and the current weather? I would love to know where my readers are from? 🙂

Tina xx