Tina Rai Pun


Hi! I’m Tina. I hail from Darjeeling, North East India well known as ‘Queen of Hills’ but was born and raised in Visakhapatnam, South India well known as ‘Steel City’.

I make YouTube videos about beauty, fashion, travel vlogs and my life and write this blog. I never thought what started merely as an interest in filming and glamour would become a new journey of my life. Being a Mom to two beautiful babies and wife to an amazing man does demand its own time at home however I do manage to run all of my three YouTube channels and a blog with utmost love and enthusiasm just as day one I started vlogging.
I guess this ‘Love at first sight’ is still working!

As an ambitious child I always dreamt the impossible, which with hard critics and time took a back seat however on 2012 my life took a fairytale twist! I was crowned the ‘My Lovely Mom’ in Bangalore, India and then represented India and brought home the 2nd runner up title from Bejing, China. This turn of event taught me to protect my dreams and never let it go because that is the way we apprecaite this valuable gifted life.

I am very Thankful to each viewer and subscribers who give me huge motivation to make more videos and ignite the passion to keep getting better.

I like to try Different Cuisines, Explore the World, Laugh ridiculously with my Family & Friends, Home decor, Shopping, Dancing on stage, Being on my own, Cooking for my loved ones, Dress up, Vacations and Genuine people.

I can’t think of anything else to tell you about me. Leave your questions on my social networks and I shall try my best to answer them. If you’re new here – enjoy my blog and my videos!

God Bless,