Fragrance is something I consider pretty important as close to having an identity.
Have you ever felt a scent reminding of someone or a good/bad memories.
Ah! someone did say it right, ‘scent of a woman..speaks volume about her’.

Since a very young age, I was very particular on what I sprayed on my body in the name of perfume. I had a silly belief that whatever I applied on my skin will get absorbed by my body and eventually might harm my internal body system.
On another note its kind of true and that always made me picky on selecting fragrances considering it goes on pulse points so it better be healthy.

My crush on Jo Malone perfume was first felt in 2012 during my Dubai visit. I visited their store loved every bit of detail that went into making a refined fragrance.

Although its bit expensive but when I feel the soothing scent lingering on my pulses it feels all so right.
If you would like to save on it then duty free shop is the best way to get the right bargain.
You can check on the details on their website


I chose two Jo Malone fragrances as my Fall/Winter day and night scents.

Jo Malone Mimosa & Cardamom Cologne– Warm, Ethereal and Mesmerising
Top note:Cardamom spice
Heart note: Mimosa flower
Base note: Tonka bean
This has been launched this season and I smell a refreshing cardamom spice mixed with a light floral note and after sometime when the cologne settles down it leaves a tender spicy floral vanilla scent which I find it perfect for my day time body aura.

Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir Cologne– Dark and Enigmatic
Top note: Pomegranate
Heart note:Casablanca Lily
Base note: Guaiacwood
This is part of their old best sellers and initially I thought it would smell fruity but was pleasantly surprised to find it seductive! Maybe its due to the Pink pepper or Guaiacwood notes.
This definitely feels fresh at first which I love and later settles down to sexy woody spicy scent. Just love it!
Definitely my night time body aura for this Fall/Winter or rather any season.

Can’t wait to welcome the holiday season ahead with a refreshing refine fragrance around.

Fall/Winter has finally arrived and I think its the same in your place too!?
If not then do comment below on which part of the world you live in and the current weather? I would love to know where my readers are from? 🙂

Tina xx

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