Love.. Relationship.. Commitment!

Hi Guys,

Hope you had a good Valentine’s day. 

Love as simple and comforting it sounds can sometimes get complicated and hated.
Since ages man can remember it has been a source of strength as well as destruction.
What makes it so widely distinguished? Is it just all about love or the being who lets it take over?

I do believe Love is a very strong emotion which has moved mountains but just like a good virtue cannot be achieved with only money, knife cannot be put into use only for cutting fruits/vegetables, rain cannot bring only joy to the lush fields.
In the same way.. Love alone is not enough to bring sanity. Yeah..I said it, quite controversial!
Balance is the key to bring completeness. Bring that through your clear mind or spiritual clarity.

Those were some deep thoughts! Yo! And so on the eve of Valentine’s day I made a special video on few ways to straighten up your love life!

Sit back with a good cup of tea/coffee and enjoy the video.


And for all those single free birds, I made a Glam video for you to make your each day count.. cherishing your freedom and nourishing the bond with You! Π

So, which was your favorite video?


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