Spring/Summer Holiday LookBook

Hope the weather in your place is treating you well. Just wanted to begin the post with a good will note after hearing about not so happy mother natures mood swings around the world.

So, Hello everyone! I’ve been wanting to share my Spring/Summer holiday lookbook which seemed like ages but oh dear me..my little children lap up all my time and attention.
Well its a Mommy’s world!

I am not a professional fashionista who is giving you consultation on trends and fashion. But just a woman who loves to look pretty and share the things which made me feel happy.
So please don’t judge me and take it easy.

If you would like to watch my lookbook video on my main youtube channel.
I’ll place the link below, just click and have fun watching with some Nepali music in the background by Nitika Bura Magar .


Lets know about the outfits. Shall We!


Denim Shirt Dress – Splash
Footwear – Zara
Accessories – Accessorize

I simply find this effortlessly sexy and comfortable to wear. Although now when I look at the video, that belt should not have been a part of the outfit.
Anyway, I love this outfit which I see myself wearing in every spring/summer season regardless of the trend.
So neat,comfy and sexy. But must say, had to pinup near the bottom end of the dress where the buttons kept flipping out – told ya, naughty dress.
Paired it with this cool colour-block pumps from Zara which added some sophistication to the casual look.


outfit 5

Crop Top – Forever21
Midi Skirt – Local Boutique
Footwear – Lifestyle

This outfit made me feel like classic ladylike with a hint of edge. I love the midi skirt trend which sort of takes me back to the 80’s. At a glance, it also reminds me of my school days skirt!
Its classy and I am enjoying this trend. Midi skirt paired with a funky stripy crop top just gives that girly retro look.
But the only drawback would be to check on the waist size…it clearly shows how much you ate! Uh oh! Where are my running shoes?
Paired this outfit with wedge heels from Lifestyle which I think perfectly blended with the ensemble.


outfit 2
Muscle Top – Forever21
Flared Shorts – Forever21
Footwear – Walk Easy
Sunglasses – Zara

What a perfect tshirt reference to show fun time with children! I totally love Muscle tshirts worn on bright brassier.
This one which has ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle’ is also my little son’s favourite. He simply compliments me whenever I wear it. So, how can I stop myself from loving it too!? Right!
I could have worn this with denim shorts but preferred light and soft flared floral shorts which at a glance looks like a skirt.
I paired it with ballerinas from Walk Easy. Two side plaits gave me a Red Indian boho look.
A perfect lounging outfit.


outfit 4


Gingham Shirt – Forever21
Mini Skirt – Temt
Footwear- Zara
Bag – Koovs.com

Now this Gingham trend could be a love/hate thing. I kind of like it and wanted to make it look girly and sexy. Tartan,Gingham could look bit rough..kind of reminds me of cowboys. But I think that’s what makes it altogether appealing too.
I wanted to give it a new buddy and so introduced to mini skirt. And girl, I loved it!
They look perfect together.
The toughness of the top complimented the femininity of the skirt. Just balanced.
Paired it with my gorgeous colour-block pumps from Zara and stepped out on a lovely evening.


outfit 3

TShirt – Zara
Joggers – Forever21
Footwear – Goa flea Market

This was a right and practical choice for a day long sightseeing time on a bright and humid day.
Light cotton fabric helped my skin breathe and was easy to bear all day wear and tear.
I could sit for long hours in the tourist bus, curl up my feet, walk miles and still managed to look fine. I guess have to name this outfit as ‘touristrous’.
I wore a simple flip flops which I picked up from a flea market in Goa.
Although, I think it was a wrong choice. I should have worn trainers which could have kept my feet dust free.

So that’s all I have to share with you lovely people. I hope you like my choice of outfits which again may not be the top most brands and trendiest but its my pretty little things which made me happy.
And hope would be liked and be helpful for some of you too.

I would like to hear from you which outfit of mine was your favourite?
Leave a comment below and maybe I’ll share it with my viewers through a giveaway!!
Howz that?! Spontaneous!

Tina 🙂

Beach Bag Essentials

If you had read my previous blog post this would be easy to understand that I wanted to share all about Summer Beach  holiday.
So today, this post is going to be about my Beach bag essentials which by all means is very practical and deglam. And why I call it so? because it has couple of my baby’s essentials too.
I always enjoy watching what others carry in their bags and when my turn comes to pack I somehow don’t see the cool things finding a place in my beach bag..why? duh! Mommy to two young ones will hardly have time to listen to music and chill out with a glam magazine.
Maybe someday..but not today.

Yes, I did film a video on the white sands of Varca beach entertaining some amused tourists around. Like its going to stop me!? Nah..!

Click the link below to watch the video where you get to see my beach essentials:


Thankfully, as it was Ramada Caravela private beach the place was neat, serene with decent crowd which obviously makes filming so much easy.

I chose a blue tote bag with palm trees and birds from Rhysetta which was just appropriate for beach. Even the material used was kind of dust and water resistant. Very light weight and spacious with a secret little money pouch.

I’ll list below the things in my beach bag. Actually, could be useful to Mothers with young ones.

* Drinking Water.

* Avene Thermal Water Spray – Just to spritiz on to cool & clean my humid beach face.

* Avene Sunscreen – Spf50++ and PA+++ do I even need to explain this? Always always protect your skin from harmful sun rays. Its cool to soak up some sun and all that but its no good to the delicate skin of your body. I never did sun bathing and will never do because I have no fondness to the burning sensation of UV rays. However like to soak up some early morning sunshine.

* Chaptick with SPF.

* Sanitizer and Wet Wipes – very useful.

* Handtowel or Facial dry tissues.

* A small pouch with all diaper essentials of my baby and her hair accessories.

* Cover-ups.

* First aid like band aid, Ointment for wounds and burns.

* A good travel size perfume or roll on.

* UV protection Sunglasses.

* Insect or bug spray.

* Couple of Zip locks to keep any wet or soiled clothes.

* Camera in a case.

* Floppy Beach Hat.

* Room Keys / Mobile.

A quick tip, always carry some cash. We didn’t carry any since it was private beach without any hawkers around but the parasailing guys were not associated with the resort and I could not parasail. Its a sign, got to keep some things for the next time.

Ah! Although I need to confess that I am not a huge fan of sticky hot beach weather. So, I prefer visiting the Sun, Sand and Waves post afternoon when the Sun doen’t glare on us. And has mellowed down to beautiful gloden orange bidding good bye..promiing to come again.

Also if you are like me who is not fond of crowded beach then definitly private resort beach is the only way to soak up some peaceful fun.

After watching the beautiful sunset we showered and relaxed by the pool for some more time. And after a hearty dinner and silly laughter we called it a day.

I guess, many times all that matters is sometimes the company. Have your loved ones.. have seen the world.

So, which place tops your holiday list? Mine is to make a snow man with my children! Someday..

Until then..Bring on the Sunshine,
Tina xx

Goa Holiday Beach Outfit

I am feeling absolutely rejuvenated, fresh and overall very Thankful after a cute Summer holiday time in Goa! Yay!
This was my first time ever, I know..strange right!? Like, Where and What was I doing all my life? And funnily, I land up during off-season in scorching humid summer days..Wow! And hold on, that too with my two little kids..Double Wow! Duh!
But, Hi..Holiday in any form and time is delicious. And we never want it to end! Even after all the above mentioned Wows We had a super good time!! Of course, I got to look summer ready and had a fantastic time dressing up and chill on the beach like a villain. And Yes, I did so.

So, today I am going to share my beach look details with you all. I also made a tutorial video on my Beauty Channel on YouTube which you can watch by clicking the link here, for some visual and audio treat! :

I love looking glamed up even in a beach by accessorizing and wearing edgy beach wear.

The below pictures says it all however I’ll walk you through my whole Hair, Makeup and outfit details with pleasure.

beach make
beach blog2
Most importantly, this look will not cost you bomb. Its all very accessible anywhere and easy on the pocket which is the brownie point.
Lets start with my
Clarins UV pollution Protection.
Clinique BB Cream SPF30 PA++++ and Pre refining brightner which is simply just right for shielding those harsh sun rays.
Dior eyebrow pencil in sable/sand.
Lorac neutral smokey palette.
Be a Bombshell multiple stick in Sunset, which I used on cheeks and lips.
Maybelline colossal Mascara waterproof in Black.

Avene sun protection Spf 50+

Open Natural with a little floral crown in its free boho spirit

FlipFlops from local market & Bead anklets from Desi Origins.

Speedo Swimwear and Splash Cover up.


Zara mirrored avaiator.


Day time we mostly were indoor at our resort just keeping cool in Spa, Garden walks and Goa tour but in the evenings we enjoyed the most watching the beautiful sunset and the calming sound of the wind bringing with it the cool breeze.

And the best part was there was dining on the beach so close to the waves, it was the most beautiful time of my holiday.
I could have spent all my night there just curling up on my chair and watching the moon, waves and the feel of the sand beneath my feet..Oops! how can I not mention this, a delicious mouth watering seafood spread before me. Aaa..oum!!

But the downside is, if you sit for a long time your food can get covered in sand.

beach blog6

When you are wittnessing such romantic relaxing location..you got to capture it also in your camera too. Hence, comes these photos.

The moment I saw the beautiful golden orange red sunset, I visualised holding it in my hands…Well, so what its not possible in reality, What’s our imagination and camera tricks for?! Say What!?

Overall, very happy with the pictures since, remember.. I have my two darling kids to be taken care too.
So, my time to think, pose and click was way too short and uncertain. But I am happy with the outcome and hope you like it too.
Aw! Looks like I did get bit serious into posing for this mesmerising  Sunset! LOL..  😀

beach blog3
beach blog4beach blog5

Apart from relaxing in the beach shack. I also had fun getting my feet massaged and hair braids done from local talents.
Both were just awesome, massage is any time great and the colourful yarn braids made me look like Bob Marley fan..a proper beach hippie, talk about getting into the groove.

I could not do parasailing this time but my husband did and watching him made me think…call me again beach and I shall fly and touch your cool wind and waves..someday..in style!

I guess, got to keep some things for the next time.

beach blog

How was your Summer or Winter Holiday? Do tell me your favourite holiday destination or the best holiday memory.

I would add it to my next holiday wish list and also it will help my viewers too.. to explore this big wide world.


Playsuit in Winter!

Photo by: Subhash 098336 21695

Photo by: Subhash 098336 21695


Photo by: Subhash 098336 21695

Photo by: Subhash 098336 21695

Photo by: Subhash 098336 21695

If you follow me on Instagram (my username is TinaRaiPun) then you’ll already know that I wore this fun playsuit on my gorgeous daughter’s birthday party!
Her birthday falls in December which officially is winters and hence I had to wear it with black tights and boots.

Playsuits for fun giggly parties are just perfect. I personally love to wear them as you know it will save us from Marilyn Monroe flying situation.

I love to dress up and take a good planning to match and finalise my look. If I have time to get ready I take good amount of time but if I am in hurry I take anything between 15 min to 25min (although my husband will not agree to it).

I wanted my playsuit to be dark to match the winters but also needed to have burst of colour to match with children’s enthusiasm.
And the whole look was beautifully captured by Mumbai based Photographer Subhash samword@facebook.com

Finally after searching all over the possible clothing stores, I found this perfect outfit from LimeRoad.Com online store for a very reasonable price. And as it was kind of cold, I paired it with black tights and suede ankle boots from ZARA.

For accessories just kept it simple yet edgy with Fangs & Skull rosegold necklace from MAWI JEWELLERY KOOVS. Pair of Gold bangles and statement ring from DUBAI PURE GOLD. An iron bangle (spiritual heirloom by my beautiful Mother) which I wear almost everyday.

I kept my makeup fresh with BOURJOIS Healthy Mix Foundation, for blush MAC Dollymix, VICTORIA SECRET Goddess Bronzer for contour, MAYBELLINE Falsies Mascara, MAC All that Glitters eyeshadow and Impassioned lipstick.

I usually like to keep my hair open in side part in a bit wavey messy way.
On my nails REVLON – Pink Lingerie!
And that’s my complete Look!

Let me know in the comments if when you go on young giggles parties you are like me have your outfit planned a week in advance or find something to wear last minute!

Please tell me your organisation skills and favourite stores? I’ d love to explore new tips and finds.





The Body Shop Moisturisers and Mask

Its officially Winters! Yay! Love the crisp cool festive spirit in the air and not to forget winter layering fashion! Boots, scarf, hats, jackets, makeup stays fresh all day, its so fun dressing up.
But, today this blog post is not about fashion lets keep that for next blog post which I am secretly excited.

I am here to share with you all my current Winter skincare find from one of my favorite stores The Body Shop!!

Wild Argan Oil Body Butter



If you are subscribed to my YouTube beauty channel you would know that how much I love their body butters. And was waiting for their new launch Wild Argan Oil line.
So, finally I got my hands on it. My skin tends to get bit extra dry during winters and anything deep moisturiser, oils is just what my skin needs.

Argan oil had been a big hit in beauty care line products. Its rich and nourishing values are by far much sorted.
And if comes in body butter form, I need it!

At a glance, I was expecting it to smell like nuts but was surprised that it smelled more of mild floral! Which is absolutley fine with me. I do like the idea of smelling little fresh floral and feeling my skin moisturised. 🙂

The texture of the body butter is just like a standard Body Shop line but what makes this body butter special is, they are hand-picked, hand-cracked and slowly pressed for the purest, most radiant Community Fair Trade Argan oil which ofcourse is same with all their products.

So, when you spend money on these products in a way your helping these working women to earn regular income to help maintain their living.

Now, who says shopping is indulgence…it could be charity too!


Warming Mineral Mask



I heard a lot of good things about this mask and ofcourse as I love skin care had to give it a try! And I am glad to bring it home with me because its really a wonderful face mask!

This is a deep cleaning, Oil-absorbing a sort of weekly treatment not recommeded for daily use. I use it once every two weeks only because Thankfully, I don’t have too much oil or facial problem.

Just as the name suggests, as soon as the kaolin clay comes in contact with your skin it magically warms up which is always a good feeling in this cold weather.

After I apply this thick mask, I leave it on for about 5 mins and rinse it off with water. And instantly, I feel that my face looks much fairer and fresh! In short, it does its job well.
And ya, my husband liked the mask too (a weekend pamper)!


Vitamin E Night Cream



I needed to add Vitamin E to my night time skin care routine. And so, I had to bring home this product too.
As you can tell from the picture, it comes in this pastel pink plastic jar with same colour creamy texture too.

Smells just very mild like any other cold creams/Shea butter. I love to massage my face and neck with this cream which makes my skin supple in the morning.

Well, it is made of Shea butter which again local women from Ghana hand-harvest Shea nuts, dry them in the sun and crack them to extract the kernels.
These are roasted and ground into a paste to make the butter.

Again, these minute detailing about the products makes it much more fun to buy the product. Since, we know the money will be going to fund some deserving needs.



And not to forget the fun samples I got to try. Well, if you purchase their products you get to try some of their product samples.
I got Tea Tree BB cream and Nutriganics Drops of Youth which both are good.

I might not buy BB cream only because I like my foundations but eyeing the Nutriganics to add it to my skincare storage .

Have you tried any of thier new line? If so, then leave your suggestions below on what new should I try next?
Now I got to pamper my skin for a good beauty sleep!

Night Night guys,