Spring/Summer Holiday LookBook

Hope the weather in your place is treating you well. Just wanted to begin the post with a good will note after hearing about not so happy mother natures mood swings around the world.

So, Hello everyone! I’ve been wanting to share my Spring/Summer holiday lookbook which seemed like ages but oh dear me..my little children lap up all my time and attention.
Well its a Mommy’s world!

I am not a professional fashionista who is giving you consultation on trends and fashion. But just a woman who loves to look pretty and share the things which made me feel happy.
So please don’t judge me and take it easy.

If you would like to watch my lookbook video on my main youtube channel.
I’ll place the link below, just click and have fun watching with some Nepali music in the background by Nitika Bura Magar .


Lets know about the outfits. Shall We!


Denim Shirt Dress – Splash
Footwear – Zara
Accessories – Accessorize

I simply find this effortlessly sexy and comfortable to wear. Although now when I look at the video, that belt should not have been a part of the outfit.
Anyway, I love this outfit which I see myself wearing in every spring/summer season regardless of the trend.
So neat,comfy and sexy. But must say, had to pinup near the bottom end of the dress where the buttons kept flipping out – told ya, naughty dress.
Paired it with this cool colour-block pumps from Zara which added some sophistication to the casual look.


outfit 5

Crop Top – Forever21
Midi Skirt – Local Boutique
Footwear – Lifestyle

This outfit made me feel like classic ladylike with a hint of edge. I love the midi skirt trend which sort of takes me back to the 80’s. At a glance, it also reminds me of my school days skirt!
Its classy and I am enjoying this trend. Midi skirt paired with a funky stripy crop top just gives that girly retro look.
But the only drawback would be to check on the waist size…it clearly shows how much you ate! Uh oh! Where are my running shoes?
Paired this outfit with wedge heels from Lifestyle which I think perfectly blended with the ensemble.


outfit 2
Muscle Top – Forever21
Flared Shorts – Forever21
Footwear – Walk Easy
Sunglasses – Zara

What a perfect tshirt reference to show fun time with children! I totally love Muscle tshirts worn on bright brassier.
This one which has ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle’ is also my little son’s favourite. He simply compliments me whenever I wear it. So, how can I stop myself from loving it too!? Right!
I could have worn this with denim shorts but preferred light and soft flared floral shorts which at a glance looks like a skirt.
I paired it with ballerinas from Walk Easy. Two side plaits gave me a Red Indian boho look.
A perfect lounging outfit.


outfit 4


Gingham Shirt – Forever21
Mini Skirt – Temt
Footwear- Zara
Bag – Koovs.com

Now this Gingham trend could be a love/hate thing. I kind of like it and wanted to make it look girly and sexy. Tartan,Gingham could look bit rough..kind of reminds me of cowboys. But I think that’s what makes it altogether appealing too.
I wanted to give it a new buddy and so introduced to mini skirt. And girl, I loved it!
They look perfect together.
The toughness of the top complimented the femininity of the skirt. Just balanced.
Paired it with my gorgeous colour-block pumps from Zara and stepped out on a lovely evening.


outfit 3

TShirt – Zara
Joggers – Forever21
Footwear – Goa flea Market

This was a right and practical choice for a day long sightseeing time on a bright and humid day.
Light cotton fabric helped my skin breathe and was easy to bear all day wear and tear.
I could sit for long hours in the tourist bus, curl up my feet, walk miles and still managed to look fine. I guess have to name this outfit as ‘touristrous’.
I wore a simple flip flops which I picked up from a flea market in Goa.
Although, I think it was a wrong choice. I should have worn trainers which could have kept my feet dust free.

So that’s all I have to share with you lovely people. I hope you like my choice of outfits which again may not be the top most brands and trendiest but its my pretty little things which made me happy.
And hope would be liked and be helpful for some of you too.

I would like to hear from you which outfit of mine was your favourite?
Leave a comment below and maybe I’ll share it with my viewers through a giveaway!!
Howz that?! Spontaneous!

Tina 🙂

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  1. pilla giridhar says:

    nice to c u tina hope u remember me. may god bless you and have bright future.

  2. Diya Karmakar says:

    You look so gorgeous dear in every outfit..I love all the looks very much and my first fav look is the denim shirt dress look…I love it so much..thanku..:-)

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